Angela Lewis is looking for the moment when the right light connects with the perfect narrative. She’s always wanted to shoot at her Nonno and Nonna’s house for this reason, so when we first talked about self care and this book, she was inspired to document a very personal subject: her family.

This narrative starts with Angela’s mom stuck in weekend traffic, on her way to visit her aging mother. Angela likes to picture her mom blasting top 40 on the car’s radio, taking a final moment of simple joy that’s all for herself, before her daughterly duties begin. Since the death of Angela’s Nonno, Nonna is left alone in a big house she can’t possible care for on her own. She stubbornly resists growing old but expects her daughters to care for her as long as she “is right in the head”.

This photo essay captures the complicated relationship between love and obligation. When should we sacrifice self care for the sake of a loved one who needs us? Angela asks this question with her lens and her heart, taking away the lessons she needs for a happier future with her mom.

Produced for the book, You Care Too Much. Intro written by the creator of the book,  Erin Klassen.

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