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Mystery Mail, 2020

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*UPDATE: 100% of the proceeds were donated to NIA Centre for the Arts & Across Boundaries. There was a limited amount available at a reduced price, so be sure to stay tuned for future **email me if interested in a larger size: angela@angelalewis.comTHANK YOU ALL!


So, you may be asking, what exactly is a MYSTERY PRINT SHOP anyway? 

Well.. I choose photo prints for you based on my current collection, along with other artful treats! You have a choice of a small order (includes 2 small prints), or a large order (3-4 prints). Included in both packages will be another creative piece made by me, a hand written note, and maybe a friendship bracelet?! 

This is an affordable way to get some new life onto your walls while its getting harder to stay inside. Three other great things about this are:

#1  Its a welcomed SURPRISE!

#2  SNAIL MAIL (who doesn’t love getting special mail!?)

#3  100% of proceeds will be donated between NIA CENTRE FOR THE ARTS and ACROSS BOUNDARIES. These are local inclusive organizations helping racialized communities feel supported through holistic mental health services and the arts.

* There are a limited number of packages available. Printed locally on Premium Matte Photo Paper.

** If this is a gift, mention it at checkout and I’ll wrap it cute (they'll all be wrapped cute tbh) and can include a personalized note.

*** Free shipping in Canada!

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